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the nice thing about being too dead to rp is hating myself enough to icon. just lukas, forsyth, and python.

rgb )
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some persona 5 requests that've piled up

- Ann
- Futaba
- Haru
- Protag
- Yusuke

edit 06/09: added some more for protag and yusuke

i've had rivers in the desert on repeat for a month )

code post

Oct. 1st, 2015 02:36 am
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got a few requests for these info/permissions codes so i'm gonna post them, but rest assured they are horrifically messy and terrible because idk what i'm doing

all using kurogane as a test subject because i hate myself i guess

version - kuro )

version - flourite )

version - sakura )

These are all seriously jury-rigged together, so feel free to ask if anything breaks. Edit as you will, credit if you want.
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petra, eren, jean, with a few of mikasa. lemme know if you want a source on any of the fanart ones. i tried for more dramatic lighting and it was terrible forgive me

a battle for everyones souls )


Sep. 28th, 2014 01:43 pm
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got a request for bertolt caps, which can be downloaded here. sorry it's sparse, he's kind of hard to... find. i should be doing a full canon review soon enough so hopefully i'll remember to take caps then.

and a quick and really dirty batch of bert why not

sleeping soundly )

and gross erwin + eruri doujin icons for somebody ew

fogeys making out )
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i wish marco would grow out his bangs like. an inch.

mostly the latest OVA and a few misc fanart things. hit me up for sources on any of these posts

most animes get a beach ova )
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this is where all the characters that don't have enough icons to warrant a full post go. there's also a little bit of shippy stuff, which may not be everyone's cup of tea. consider this fair warning!

let's meet beyond the wall )
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if you preferred my old icons, they're still up over here. probably duplicates in this list, haha.

most of these are awful, but uh

you live to fight )
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